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Do you want to get to the core of what it means to be a brilliant 1:1 Coach or Transformational Facilitator? 


Are you uninspired by coaching methods and facilitator approaches that seem mechanical, incomplete, or that just don't feel integral, powerful, or intuitive enough? 


Forget having to remember lots of techniques and methodologies. 


If you’ve already trained as a coach or facilitator but want advanced skills that crystallise a masterful approach as a transformational facilitator, OR if you want to bring coaching and therapeutic facilitation into your existing work without having to complete a full coaching qualification, then this is the training you’ve been looking for. 


In this training weekend, Karen Birch draws upon her breadth of experience as a facilitator, ranging from a clinical background in psychosocial 1:1 and group therapy programs, to empowerment life coaching.




  • The core transformational skills that define you as the best coach someone has ever worked with. 

  • The core professional and therapeutic underpinning that a brilliant coach or facilitator must have to truly stand out. 

  • The most powerful tools you have that can transform any block or limitation. 

  • A deeper understanding of the purpose and process of coaching that cuts through all complex methodology into one simple insight. 

  • A comprehensive exploration of transformational techniques, dealing with challenges, and discerning the right choices.

  • PLUS… How to build your practice in a way that inspires you - and why it’s essential to work this way.



Do you feel a deep calling to make a powerful, positive, impact to the lives of others, to becoming a conscious leader, and shaping a better world? 

If so, then this calling is your purpose, and this workshop can launch and accelerate your mission so that you can start making a life changing impact as a Transformational Coach, Facilitative Leader, Conscious Educator, or Change-Maker, now!

You will receive a Certificate upon completion of the weekend. 



Karen has gained 15 years of diverse experience facilitating transformation in groups and 1:1, as a Personal Development Expert, Empowerment & Life Purpose Coach, Master Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Transformational Facilitator. 


Her mission is to help switched on facilitators, coaches, educators, and practitioners, who are stuck at a certain place in their journey, grow all the way into enlightened, powerful, free-spirited leaders, fulfilling their mission with a major impact, creating change at a time on Earth where many radical changes will be happening in the next decade. 

Thank you for stepping forward with a courageous heart and awakened mind, to help this world become a better place.

See you soon!




There are very few spaces available so it is essential to book ASAP. 

Contact Karen directly on 07515698316, or book through EventBrite: 

Public Speaker


This weekend is designed as an intimate and interactive deep dive, and therefore the group is kept very small so that each person gets maximum value. 

The training is held in an ecologically built venue within a creative community, situated within countryside that is easily accessible, only an hour from central London. 

Arc Hall, 5 Hoathly Hill

Sharpthorne, East Grinstead

East Sussex, RH19 4SJ

United Kingdom

10:15 am: Arrivals (Start 10.30am)

- Live Group Sharing & Enquiry Session

- Learn the transformational core of coaching

- Develop the breakthrough coaching approach

- Learn the method for creating maximum empowerment and wholeness

- Build your professional practice

- Create the system that is meant for you

- Q & A

17:30 pm each day: Finish


Normal Price: £420.

Early Bird Price: Only £355. (£65.00 off)

Super Early Bird Price: Only £300. (£120.00 off)


Please note that this weekend workshop can be taken alongside further training as part of the professional 9 Month Coaching & Facilitation Course that runs twice per year. 

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