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AUGUST 2020 to APRIL 2021



Arc Hall,

5 Hoathly Hill


East Grinstead

East Sussex

RH19 4SJ

United Kingdom




Most training weekends will be on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 5.30pm

Dates for first 5 months:

Aug 22 - 23

Sept 12 - 13

Oct 24 - 25

Nov 21 - 22

Dec 12 - 13

There are six face-to-face training weekends out of the total nine months program. See the full Course  Syllabus.


Months One to Four consist of the primary training modules, whilst Month Five crystallises the training given into a weekend of practice and supervision. The final weekend in Month Nine will contain the final evaluation, certificates, business building, and celebration! There are online sessions in between our face-to-face meetings.

The venue for our face-to-face training is a community of Steiner influence that facilitates various community, environmental, and educational projects. 

Hoathly Hill is on the border of East and West Sussex, set in the beautiful High Weald, near the Ashdown Forest and renowned gardens of Wakehurst Place.  


The Arc Hall, an elegant ecologically designed studio managed by Pericles, a charity for adults with learning disabilities, is our training venue during these days. 

Students coming from London by transport can get the train to East Grinstead, a 12 minute taxi ride away. Those travelling from further afield can find plenty of Airbnbs and guesthouses in the area. An extended stay to take advantage of the local nature is highly recommended. 

** The start date for this training course has been paused do to the current pandemic restrictions. We are capitalising on the opportunity this has created to expand the content of the training course into a wider context of facilitative application for these times of great planetary change. The new content with include pathways into earth regeneration, self-sustainability, and other topics relevant to creating a NEW EARTH.

Please stay in touch with us in the Facebook Community Group to stay updated:



Full Investment for 9-Month Course: NOW £3000 (value of £4400)

Early Bird before July 21st: £2700

Super Early Bird before June 21st: £2400

9 Month Training Courses run twice per year, in February and in August. It is possible, though not preferrable, to enter the program midway and complete it between the running of two courses over the year. 

Students who are at the beginning of practising coaching/facilitation or personal development are highly recommended to deepen the training provided in Months 1 to 5, by repeating these months in the next course about to start, making their training 15 months long instead of 9. 

Each course has limited spaces available due to the utmost priority of quality training, so every person needs to apply. 


Additional places may be available for the individual monthly modules held as Weekend Workshops. Please see upcoming workshops for details. 

Whether you'd like to enquire further or have already decided you'd like to take the training, the process starts with booking a call!

Fulfil your truest potential and the purpose you've been waiting to unleash.


Deepen your journey of self-actualisation, unifying everything you've learned so far.


Hone your true power and confidence, embodying who you've always known yourself to really be

- a leader of powerful transformation.


Utilise all of your existing holistic and transformational knowledge into a method that positions you to make an impact in a new paradigm


Expand the reach of your work and unique talents into new arenas.


Belong to a community of leaders that you can collaborate and journey with from now on.



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