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To train and empower passionate people wanting to contribute to the positive transformation of others, such that they may:

  • Become Unified Coherent facilitative leaders and coaches, working in a variety of arenas to restore wholeness and alignment.

  • Form a co-creative community in which they continue to learn, thrive, and build resilience.

  • Make a further impact by becoming UC Trainers themselves and deliver UC facilitation courses internationally.


That those whose personal mission is in social and regenerative edge-work are further empowered and supported to:

  • Reach into businesses, organisations, and communities to facilitate socially and ecologically regenerative coherence. 

  • Bring their skills and capacity to the edge of social and environmental crisis work, facilitating cultural repair and community coherence. 


To be a tributary in the great river of emerging change-makers, who are restoring balance and building bridges of coherence towards a new paradigm of individual, social and ecological enlightenment. 



Photo credit: Fernanda Lenz Photography, taken at a GEN-Europe conference  


A paradigm shift into unified, native, coherent wholeness, catalysed by the present growing movement of consciousness expansion combined with environmental emergency... 


Whereby people awaken to and find the courage to, relinquish outdated and destructive systems of thought and living; choosing to become empowered, liberated, connected facilitators, ambassadors, and protectors of what it means to be a healthy human being living on a healthy planet. 

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