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Dear Facilitative Leaders, 


Are you already making an impact and contributing your wonderful offerings to the world, but know there’s more to go - new levels or arenas that are calling you? 


Are you already set up, in that you’ve had professional/ creative/ business training, your business is running, you've crystallised in your mission, yet you recognise the power that (the right kind of) community support - for instance, other Thought Leaders and Change Makers - has in elevating people to go further?


Does the question, “How can we better step up to being leaders, facilitators, ambassadors, actively co-creating a better world?” excite you? 


If the answer is yes to all three, then it’s time for us to connect and help each other. 

Hand Pile of Happy Group



  • A (free) peer-led, Facilitative Leaders Circle, where we meet once a month, to listen to each other, explore and deepen our insights, bounce new ideas, share diverse areas of expertise, as well as boost each other's professional social media presence beyond the monthly meeting. 


  • Leaders need support too! Coaches should have coaches, therapists and group facilitators should have supervision. This group combines therapeutic, creative, and entrepreneurial peer-led support.  

  • This is a confidential, non-competitive, humble space, for landing in the heart and connecting with each other from a place of our shared passion for that which is much greater than all of us. 

Monthly Circle:

  • Each meeting has a set structure of individual sharing and then delving deep into selected topics.

  • The group is co-held, where members take in turns to hold the space each month.


Social Media Boost:

  • We become a social media support pod, boosting each other’s online visibility by liking and sometimes sharing each other’s professional posts, pages, events. 

The FLC is entirely experimental - maybe it will stay small and local, maybe it will become a concentrated yet global online group, or maybe it will grow into a big network, and as people start to meet face to face once more, the template created at the beginning will be replicated in different geographical areas. 

I wish to note that the idea of this Circle arrived long before the coronavirus outbreak, so the Circle's identity/mission is not about CV support, whilst at the same time, CV is and will majorly impact our work as FLs, perhaps for a long while to come, and this Circle may be a huge support in that.



This is a free group because it is co-held by members who are at a relatively similar place, therefore the energies are balanced and each person is giving and receiving an equal amount of support from people at an equivalent level, such that the focus of the group can mutually uplevel.  


Every member therefore must be a facilitative leader in some capacity already, as per the first two questions at the top of the page, AND, have a genuine passion for co-creating a New Earth - regardless of your individual vision in this sense  e.g. your focus could be ecological and regenerative, community and diversity, or conscious and spiritually awake. 


  • Practicing as an experienced 1:1 or group coach, practitioner, facilitator, educator

  • Have a functioning business set up and level of knowledge around running their business 

  • Passionate about co-creating a New Earth


If you’re in the exciting position of visioning, planning, launching, your platform, or just seeing a few clients, and do not meet the first two questions at the top of the page, then I ask you to please not register for this group. Please be humble, honest, and trust that this space is not for you. The truth is that this will not provide the greatest help that is needed for you and your mission.

Don’t ever underestimate the value of investing in real training and targeted support, to launch you to where you truly need to get to - this is a far more effective approach than the long road of applying gems of insight along with guesses and many mistakes. Even experienced facilitators are recommended to receive proper coaching and undertake continual professional development courses and trainings. 


If you resonate with working with me, you can choose from a comprehensive professional qualification, individual training weekends, or a soon-to-be-launched Accelerator Program.


I also offer you a free exploratory call to see if there’s any way I can help you get to where you’re heading in a faster or more powerful way! Please book a session.

On top of all of this, please use the free Facebook Community - Facilitative Leaders for a New Earth, full of training tips and inspiration.  


If you’re still unsure of where you’re placed, please send me a message using the box below, with some details about your work, with links etc. 




First Circle Date: 



Register for this meeting here.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you there!!

With love and community spirit,


P.S if this Circle is not for you at this time, please join our Facilitative Leaders Facebook Group, to stay in touch. 


Photo taken from the 2019 GEN Ecovillage Gathering

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