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**Workshop Update re COVID-19** We are meeting our global change of circumstance positively by now bringing this training workshop to you ONLINE! Our goal, to serve you as emerging leaders making a powerful impact to help transform the lives of others, is stronger than ever!

The hidden gift in enforced self-isolation is the opportunity to press pause and reconnect to your true purpose for this lifetime. If you can view this as a deep calling for the next uplevelling, an initiation or rite of passage, then you are meeting this challenge as a true Empowered Leader.



Do you dream of holding a powerful group space, where you confidently bring coherence and positive shifts to professional teams, or facilitate a deeply transformational therapeutic circle? 


Have you tried to transfer your coaching or 1:1 skills to groups but feel overwhelmed by the dynamics, or don’t know where to start? 


Avoid the mistakes that so many group facilitators make - there are certain things you should NEVER do in group work that can work well in a 1:1. 


Whether you already facilitate professional group work in a transformational setting - through workshops, therapeutic circles, or in business - and would like to improve your skills and confidence, or this is something you wish to discover and learn, this is the training for you. 


In this training weekend, Karen Birch and Simon Confino draw upon their combined breadth of experience as group facilitators, ranging from a clinical background in group therapy programs, to leading many different types of transformational workshops, ceremonies, and circles, to creating positive shifts in major business corporations. 




  • The most effective skills you have that take you from being a capable facilitator to a first class facilitator 

  • Your opportunity in facilitating through the varied dynamics that present themselves in group settings

  • The secret to managing challenging group dynamics and difficult situations in order to bring about powerful shifts

  • The #1 difference to your work in being an outstanding group facilitator versus 1:1 facilitator

  • A powerful strategy/method for creating positive social, cultural and performance-based shifts in teams or communities 

  • A simple and effective tool for assisting organisations and communities to become more sustainable and regenerative

  • PLUS… How to apply all of this across the breadth of therapeutic circles to corporate workshops. 



Do you feel a deep calling to make a powerful, positive, impact to the lives of others, to becoming a conscious leader, and shaping a better world? 

If so, then this calling is your purpose, and this workshop can launch and accelerate your mission so that you can start making a life changing impact as a Transformational Coach, Facilitative Leader, Conscious Educator, or Change-Maker, now!

You will receive a Certificate upon completion of the weekend. 

Thank you for stepping forward with a courageous heart and awakened mind, to help this world become a better place.

See you soon!



Please note that this weekend workshop can be taken alongside further training as part of the professional 9 Month Coaching & Facilitation Course that runs twice per year. 



This weekend is designed as an intimate and interactive deep dive. There will be two sessions on each day, approximately two hours long each, with a break of two hours in the middle so that participants can get a break from the screen. Specific times will vary depending on number of participants.

Session times on Saturday and Sunday:
10am - 12.30pm, 2.30pm - 4.30/5pm

- Live Group Facilitation Enquiry Session

- Key Awarenesses and Strategies

- Mastering Group Facilitation Dynamics

- Coherence Strategy for corporate teams and communities

- Regenerative Facilitation

- Q & A


NOW 50% off Early Bird & Super Early Bird to support those with financial concerns (Full Price removed completely).


Early Bird Price: NOW £179
Super Early Bird Price: NOW £159


It is also possible to book only one day's training.

Saturday: Group Facilitation Excellence: Group Dynamics

Sunday: Group Coherence Strategy & Regenerative Facilitation

Early Bird Price: NOW £89
Super Early Bird Price: NOW £79




There are limited spaces available so it is essential to book soon. 

Book directly by contacting Karen on 07515698316, or book through EventBrite: 

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