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karen aiyana birch

"Karen is one of the finest teachers I have ever come across and her workshops are unparalleled. You will leave transformed." - Jeremy. C

Karen has fifteen years of experience as a facilitator, coach/mentor, and workshop leader in multiple arenas, and twenty years of experience in personal development and spiritual practice. 


Her career began in clinical psycho-social therapy, at an addiction centre in London, where she was responsible for clinical assessments, a 1:1 client base, and both designing and leading group therapy programs. Here she coordinated the holistic therapies & 'life skills' services and qualified in various modalities such as hypnotherapy and auricular acupuncture. Karen also trained and worked as a grief counsellor.

From there, Karen began running workshops, retreats, and courses, on spiritually-focused personal development, as well as seeing clients on a 1:1 basis for energy healing and mentoring. Having meditated daily for 12 years, she taught meditation at yoga centres in Surrey.

In 2012, two key developments were responsible for catalysing Karen's career and personal development path to where it is today. One was formal training in an advanced 'new energy' practice, and the other was informal training in an advanced self-mastery methodology. This provided Karen with a unique knowledge base as a coach and facilitator. 

After twenty years of researching the ultimate consciousness state for peak emotional health, inner fulfilment, and productivity, Karen now believes it to be a state of 'unified coherence', which her unique style of coaching and energy mediation helps people to achieve. 


In one sense Unified Coherence completes a cycle that began with her Post Graduate Social Psychology paper researching what essentially is, emotional coherence, on performance and health, and applying this enquiry to relationships. Research into the power of coherence is extensive, most notably from HeartMath Institute in California, and from Dr Alan Watkins.


The coherence strategy developed for groups emerged out of Karen's interest in intentional communities and ecovillages. Karen's passion for facilitating peak actualisation in others always expanded beyond the individual into social and cultural dynamics.


In 2018, Karen founded the British Isles bioregional branch of the Global Ecovillage Network, in the vision of unifying sustainable community led initiatives across the region and spreading sustainable and holistic community practices.

She further originated The New Earth School, an ambitious educational community platform, featuring masterclasses and coaching from regenerative experts and thought leaders around the world to help people live in deeper alignment with themselves, their relationships and the earth. 

She fiercely believes everyone has a purpose that contributes to the whole, and is now fulfilling her ultimate dharma by helping a global community of facilitative leaders to unlock their fullest potential and make their true impact in a world that deeply needs it.  


"Thank you Karen Aiyana Birch for holding such a sacred and life changing space. You have such a gift for seeing the other and creating the change that is needed for us all to evolve. Seeing you live in such alignment and creativity is a true inspiration.


"So much has radically fallen into place. I feel not afraid to speak my truth, my NO's are clear and my intuition has sharpened... I feel radical in the sense of complete authentity and fear seems to have quietened down. ​It's like all my years of growth are coming together and I am feeling this power like never before. I feel present and full up with a deeper conviction of self directed living... that I have all the answers and I am excited to really become the optimal being that I was born to be."


Annabelle Nicoll, Transformational Practitioner, Brighton

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